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To work for Tele Network, you install a soft phone onto your computer, so no land line is needed. Pays an hour and you have to commit to 20 hours per week. This is work from home political calling although they sometimes have other types of calls/programs.

XACT does not require that their employees a land line. Some prior experience in tech support may be required. Calls are routed through your computer to a USB headset. They use the Five9 dialing systems software, so you don't need a land line, just a USB headset.

It's still illegal to use devices in school crossing zones, and school bus drivers can't use phones if children are present.

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In fact, there are currently 40 Texas cities that have some type of texting and driving ban.

In alphabetical order, these cities are: Texting and driving aside, there some other new laws for 2015 that Texas drivers will need to keep in mind.

In addition to no problem with background noise, Yardi-Matrix is also OK with the use of any sort of phone for making the calls.

You can use a cell phone, land line, or VOIP, whatever you have. This company hires you to call apartment complexes posing as an interested party and ask questions.

As of March 2015, Texas drivers are not required to have inspection stickers on their windshields; however, they still do need to have their cars inspected.