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It wasn't an easy task considering how many their were to choose from, but these 25 episodes are essential viewing for anyone who enjoys hanging out in Springfield, USA.

Even 25 episodes barely scratches the surface of what the show has given us over the years, of course. Burns managed to piss off just about every resident of Springfield by stealing oil, blocking out the sun, firing Smithers and still, through it all, never remembering Homer's name.

) episode on October 16th, we're once more looking back at the show's very best episodes.

The Simpsons has been around for over a quarter of a century now, spawning hundreds of episodes and one theatrical movie.

Both episodes were funny, certainly, but we also appreciate their darker edge and the whodunit mystery that kept Simpsons fanatics speculating and debating all through the summer of 1995. I'm the one who parked in the ambulance zone, preventing any possible resuscitation." Time all but stands still in Springfield, and no one ever actually ages on the show (not even little Maggie). And rarer still does death strike a major recurring character.

"Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" was motivated largely by the fact that Maude Flanders' voice actress had moved away from California, but the writers found a great storyline to explore in Maude's tragic, T-shirt cannon-induced death.

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