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It is important to remember, however, that the duration of each season in Brazil (and in all countries of the Southern hemisphere) differs from the period of each season in the countries North of the equator. It is not easy to predict the weather of Rio Grande do Sul due to several factors that influence the sudden changes in temperature, including heat waves and cold fronts.

The dates of the beginning and the end of each season are: Spring: from September 23 to December 21. Unpredictable circumstances can result in a very warm day or even week in the middle of the winter, and conversely, a cooler day or week in the summer.

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The official website of this museum is: The Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana is an institution linked to the State Department of Culture.

The traditional spaces of this cultural center are dedicated to cinema, music, visual arts, dance, theater, literature as well as workshops and events related to culture.

The Iberê Camargo museum is located in the southern area of the city, on the shores of lake Guaíba, offering its visitors not only the enjoyment of its featured art, but also the city’s famous sunset, complete with a cafe next to the museum to enjoy the view.

Iberê Camargo was a Brazilian artist who lived in Porto Alegre, and he is among the biggest names of 20th century art.

A major environmental effort of the city, Porto Alegre is considered to be the “greenest” city in Brazil, featuring many large parks throughout the city and many trees lining the streets.