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As Tania argued with her husband, a rundown minibus pulled up, letting people on and off.

Her husband talked to the driver, then turned and said, “He knows a place where we can stay.” Tania was hesitant. But she told herself not to have a public meltdown. She and the kids were so exhausted they could barely stand.

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” Sometimes, they’d use the roof of the family’s car as a toilet.

“I remember being five years old and wanting to run away,” she said.

“Families have babies after babies, hoping for a boy.” She recalled how people would meet her father and sympathize, saying, “Four daughters, I’m so sorry.” He would shake his head and sigh, “I know, I know.” Her family never had much money but managed to make a go of it.

Her father worked for an airline, while her mother ran a small catering business.

She looked up her symptoms in a book, diagnosing herself with a tumor.