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And in the company of women, they were more likely to exalt the importance of money and wealth.

Males also demonstrate a greater appreciation of resources after viewing pictures of women rated as attractive versus unattractive.

Third, and in keeping with prior research on mate preferences, they contended that men would emphasize physical attractiveness, while women would emphasize resources.

To test these predictions, Yong and Li primed participants by exposing them to one of three resource conditions: Small Resources (52 $2 notes), Large Resources (52 $50 notes) or the Control (52 blank strips of paper whose dimensions conformed to money notes).

In this sense, the data suggest, humans are still very much an evolving species. She has successfully worked with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and life transitions, with a growing specialization in recovery from trauma and abuse. Mehta is also the author of the forthcoming book Why is it shallow or unflattering for men primed by money to prefer better looking women?