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#ANC54 dear president #Zuma I don't wish you well sir.We trusted you with Radical Economic Transformation and land in 2007.The Presidential Jobs Summit can be useful to address this situation.

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Labour has proposed that workers donate a day`s wage as workers to this worthy cause. Let`s carry out these revolutionary ideas for the sake of our country.

We are going to the Summit willing to commit workers` money - be it from a day`s wage, from our retirement funds or redirecting our investment companies into social and productive investment - so too must the government and business contribute.

Let us show employers that we can make it if we want so they can respect us and our union.

If we are not active they will play with the workers.

The federation, as part of the labour caucus in NEDLAC, has put forward a number of proposals which are aimed at creating jobs, stemming job losses and creating a climate within which further discussions on macro-economic issues can take place.