Backup before updating to lion

If you've been wondering about the history of the mac OS, or when features were added or removed, read on to look back to 2001, when OS X Cheetah was introduced, and learn what each subsequent version of the operating system brought with it.Original release date: Sometime in the fall of 2017; currently in beta.OS X Lion was also the first version of the Mac operating system to include elements from i OS; the convergence of OS X and i OS began with this release.

It's also the oldest version of the Mac operating system you can still purchase directly from the Apple Store ($19.99).

Snow Leopard is thought of as the last native Mac operating system.

Original release date: September 20, 2016Price: Free download (requires access to the Mac App Store)mac OS Sierra was the first of the mac OS series of operating systems.

The main purpose of the name change from OS X to mac OS was to unite the Apple family of operating systems into a single naming convention: i OS, tv OS, watch OS, and now mac OS.

Price: Free download (requires access to the Mac App Store)OS High Sierra's main goal was to improve the performance and stability of the mac OS platform.