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Pros: Free to join and to have limited contact with members.You can connect with Facebook so getting started is much quicker than with other sites.

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e Harmony is another massive player, with 3 million users signed up.

But size isn’t everything – as anyone who has just wrapped up a three-hour swiping session on Tinder will attest.

It seems unavoidable that if we have filters and tick-boxes for features and likes or dislikes, we could be cutting off literally thousands of potential suitors because of something we might have thought minor or irrelevant if we met in the flesh.

And, by the way, the tick-box that chooses whether you’re shown people with children or not can have an even more dramatic result, with 90% of the people I asked (a straw poll of 10 in the office) saying they’d chosen not to be shown people with children.

Yet many friends of mine who had previously ruled out anyone with children on a dating site are now happily dating (or married to) single parents they met in real life.

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    If it does, then next enable your other security protocol, put the password into the PC and see if it continues to connect. check to see if you have any Anti Virus or internal firewalls (like Zone Alarm) active.

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    Craft a unique, attention grabbing profile that leaves them wanting to know more.

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