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Kara Sutra has been working on the forefront of the sex positive blogging movement for over 9 years.

She has been a stern advocate in fighting against the online censorship of sexual discussion.

And she's always more than happy to oblige — even if you catch her while she's shopping for shoes."Not only does it keep life interesting, but it also fits my mission: reminding people that honest, authentic, and straightforward communication about sex is vital for healthy relationships," she says. " As long as you're safe and not harming anyone, there's no reason to be concerned, embarrassed, or ashamed about your desires, or your genitals.

Here's how she answers some of the common sex questions people ask.1. Most people (especially women) believe what they want in the bedroom is somehow weird — probably because so many of us learned as kids that sex is dirty and that our physical needs shouldn't be discussed. Better yet, loosening your inhibitions a little is the first step to getting the sex life of your dreams.2. Everyone thinks there's someone else having way more sex than you are. Research has shown that most long-married American couples have sex once or twice a week, provided illness, pregnancy, travel, financial stress, or any other major issue doesn't get in the way. Tell him how turned on you were during your last lovemaking because he really took his time.

Untreated infections can lead to more serious, long term health issues.