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Seek him, be GREAT in your calling, and these things will come to pass. When I m LOSING potentials for some SHIT LIKE MAN PUSSY @Pakwai ..to Block ya .. FINE ASS LADY SAID I been wanted to inbox you but thought you and your girl might get back , I said , WHO ? I'm not going to use your weaknesses to tear you down.

she said that s MUDFISH Pakwai ok I added the MUDFISH part!! I'm not going to invest time into our relationship and then at a certain point mentally and emotionally check out of the relationship.

I will communicate with you I will respect you I will value you but most importantly I will love you.

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Happy Freaky Friday:) I believe open relationships or threesome and polygamous relationship's are love theses type of experiences and women hate them.

I believe men love threesome's of course two women..

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Unlike some of the others I actually know the value of a woman.

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    Our technology is designed with one goal in mind – to help you find true love and long term commitment.

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