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Regardless of your age, camping and RV’ing is likely a source of enjoyment and time well spent with friends and family. Com – Sponsored by Disney, a great resource for pre-printed games and activities that can be great for keeping children entertained while RV traveling. Moms – An expansive collection of games by Laurel Smith for children which is useful for RV and camping games. Including games for special needs and high activity games such as Air Raid!

Our list was carefully researched and compiled to give families as well as adults ideas on how to entertain themselves and their passengers. From toddlers to teenagers, scavenger hunts and cootie catchers, this resource is wonderful to make sure to avoid the dreaded “I’m Bored! Some of the games have a supporting video for teaching the principles of the game. Rory’s Story Cubes – A very simple game that promotes creativity and can really be fun for all ages. 4-in-1 Tailgate Table – The ultimate camping games and outdoor activity center.

I hope you can find some scavenger hunts on this list that your family will enjoy and that will help you make happy memories.

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Hand your paper to the leader of the game when you get back to the starting place, (the doors of the mall). Team pictures on phones may be passed around to the group, or downloaded to a computer for everyone to see at the same time.

This activity is especially fun for girls 10 years old through the teenage years.

Many children, as parents could likely attest to, have a natural urge to explore – which is easily satiated by a good scavenger hunt.

Additionally, a well thought out and set up hunt gives parents the opportunity to teach their kids a few things about the outdoors.

Use the guidelines above, or try one of these ready-made scavenger hunt kits.