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This is mainly due to underage girls being peddled.If you think someone may be too young, get away from it.

Your best bet is to be the one that approaches, and you’ll usually know if a girl is into you because she’ll make it very obvious. If you want to have sex with a “normal” girl (no prostitute), you have to make friends with her group, which will include other guys. Just make friends with the guys by introducing yourself, buying a few drinks, and they’ll be sending their girl pals your way before you know it. Be aware of the nearest love motels to where you are in case you need a room. Yes, if you’re an obvious gringo you have an advantage, but grooming and clothing choices are crucial.

Also, make sure you have Whats App, Google Translate, and Uber on your phone. Oh, and you might want to take some salsa dancing lessons at the beginning of your trip. Trim that beard down short, trim your nose hairs and eyebrows, and if you have bushy armpits, shave them. Also, don’t wear shorts or sandals, especially if you want to get into the clubs.

There are plenty of legal ways to have sex with a Colombian hooker, mostly by way of bar freelancers and massage parlors, although some strip clubs and informal brothels are a good source too.

The girls in Medellin can be a bit shy, especially at first. Knowing Spanish, or at least knowing some greetings and phrases will go far too.

If you’ve been anywhere in the country, you have probably heard of “paisas” at some point.