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Many of the cognate words here treated have descended to us through the French, or through the Teutonic family. PRELIMINARY STATEMENT OF THE NEW SYSTEM OF INDO-EUROPEAN PHONETICS. A complete index is fur- nished for the Latin, the Greek, and the cognate English words. The clianges proposed by the new system have reference chiefly to the vowels.

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Strange in external appearance are the Indo-European and Greek groundforms or explanatory symbols which are the re- sult: ^Tn-wpiai for ravu/xat ; "^ f^n-ua for fiaivio =^ venio.

The Vlll PEELIMINARY STATEMENT OF THE Greek groundform for icj^Odpa To would be * i-cj^Op-yro, It cer- tainly does not seem as if one of the acquisitions of tlie gram- matical science of to-day were simplicity of method in repre- senting its processes.

V of many professed etymologists did in former times bring discredit upon the study. The general principles and methods according to which all scientific etymological research must proceed, are now thoroughly established and recognized. du drei di Xnn das hruder General Table of Grrimm's Law. The Indo-European a will suffer further infringe- ments in the course of our discussion, until it will have shrunk into comparative insignificance. card-0, a hinge ; card-inalis, of a door-hinge, on which some- thing turns or depends, principal, cardinal.

The application of these principles requires a wide and careful comparison of kindred words. This variable function of semi-consonants is by no means restricted to Sanskrit.

Even when afterwards the lexicon is used, the etymology is often studied only for separate words as they occur in reading ; and the scattered and fragmentary information given in the lexicons pro- duces a corresponding state of knowledge in the mind even of a diligent student. These four forms are applied to vowels and to consonants. Brugman starts with the discussion of an interesting fact which Sievers teaches in his " Lautphysiologie," p. He observes that in the usual pronounciation of words containing nasals (n, m) and liquids (r, Z), these are pronounced both as vowels and as consonants. (TKOLv S-a Xoy, (TKav S-d Xrj Opov, a trap-spring, a snare, stumbling- block, scandal; o-/cav S-a Xt{a, to make to stumble, to give offence or scandal to any one, to scandalize. scalae), a flight of steps, a staircase, a ladder, [scale, a series of steps, a graduated instrument for measuring ; scale, to climb]. skap; — ; tr Kair, o-kitt, ctkiimt ; scap; support.

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