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Later, during the Crusades, when King Louis IX cane to the East in 1250, the inhabitants of Becharre, lead by Al Chidiac Gergis, went forth to greet him with many presents and then served under his command with great distinction.

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This story stresses the important role played by the Becharre in the spreading of Christianity (of the Maronite Rite) in the area where, following its example, many other cities were also converted until the greater part of Northern Lebanon became Christian.

Among the outstanding personalities of Becharre, we can mention Safarnios who became the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 634, successfully defending the city against all foreign attackers.

For this vision, one must turn one's eyes to the sources, to live in the countryside, to Mount Lebanon.

And there, one must speak of Becharre, the village that reveals the authentic image of Lebanon in all its folkloric singularity and richness.

The Crusaders made their contribution in the field of civil administration, too.