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He also got his own talk show called as The Ru Paul Show on the VH1. Love your shows; you show the world the kindness and spirit you hold within.He has been widely known on 1990s when he made his appearance in wide variety of TV programs, films, as well as musical albums. Lauura Apr 23, 2011 Rupaul in the midst of entertaining always leaves a word that inspires me.I carry those words and share them with the judgmental types I know, without telling the source and they always agree.

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I was raised with manners, which is hard to find nowadays.

I say thank you, stand up when I meet new people...

I would not describe myself as religious, but someone with strong morals.

Online or offline, traditional courtship in which the man pursues the woman is still the norm for today’s blossoming relationships.

I love listening to music and I particularly enjoy singing in the shower.