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Golf Logix tops the group in number of statistics that are trackable, and is unmatched in course coverage.The Golf Logix application seemingly has everything a user would need (and more), but the application has a few kinks to be worked out.It may seem a small detail, but it is a big advantage to have the entire green edge mapped.

Golf Buddy must be using the same course maps for both devices, so we presume that the disparity is caused by differences in the hardware.

Retail Price: With a retail price of $199.99, the Golf Buddy Voice is one of the least expensive GPS devices tested, though there are a number of dedicated devices with displays and hazard information that are available for less.

Of the voice golf GPS units on the market, it is the least expensive.

Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: With no additional cost for access to the database for new courses or updates, the three-year total cost of ownership of the Golf Buddy Voice GPS remains at $199.99, placing it in the least expensive third of devices in our comparison of golf GPS device total costs.

While the display provides some advantages, such as providing access to the par score for the hole, our conclusion was that if we were going to take the time to bring the display into a position to see the information, we would likely prefer either a watch or a non-voice golf GPS device that had more features.