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That said, it’s true that the vast majority of applicants for professional jobs these days do have Linked In profiles, and if I notice that someone doesn’t, it does feel a little off.

Not like “this person is horribly flawed,” but more like, “huh, I wonder if she’s less keyed into professional trends.” It’s not going to stop me from hiring someone …

There have been complaints that Zoosk sometimes matches you with members that are not a geographic match.

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Do younger people use online dating

The site doesn't tell you who has paid and who hasn't. Best for Finding Specific Traits: Niche Sites A large dating site may not be the way to go if you have something specific you're looking for, especially if you're not willing to compromise on that thing. Maybe you're just a dedicated bookworm looking for a kindred spirit. Dating on niche sites gives you a common ground to start on.

Masini recommends niche sites to people who want to be with someone with a particular lifestyle because it will save time and will match you with singles with similar values. If you're not sure what to talk about on the first date, you can always fall back on the topic that brought you together.

Unlike the more formulaic dating sites, encourages users to spend their twenties dating as many people as possible to find what they like in a partner. Without paying for a membership, you can create a profile, receive match suggestions, search for potential matches and send "winks" to people.

Unfortunately, without a full membership you can't respond to or block other users, use the chat function or see who has viewed your profile.

Though that could be for any number of other reasons as well. Are people applying to jobs while not on Linked In essentially ghosts? I attempted to browse your article history but didn’t find much luck on this particular line of inquiry. I can’t imagine rejecting an applicant because she wasn’t on Linked In, unless the position I was hiring for included social media, in which case it might raise my eyebrows.