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Also you got a lot of people who use cheats, to automatically buy pets for them while they are away from their computers.

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I've had requests for helping people get green cards, and find employment outside of their countries.

The men I have met on the site are repulsive, very inappropriate and many are only after hookups.

He claimed his phone stopped working and wanted me to search for him. He ended up coming to meet me at the coffee shop we planned, and the date was awkward.

That guy ended up stalking me to my work, he would costantly ask the mutual friend where i was, or what I was up to. I had to block his number due to the absurd amount of texts I got. End of the story being I had to cut ties with him, delete my tagged account, block him from my email, and block both his numbers.

You try to be worth the most, have the most money and most assets.