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Jane I dread going to work because the people there are so nasty and really ******.

Since i started i have been to see the line manager several times as i felt discriminated against for having to take time off to care for ds who was sick, and they kicked up so much fuss it was unbelievable.

I do honestly feel stressed out and the doctor said that it was clinical depression, which im waiting to see a counsellor for.

I personally think its PND which came and went and now resurfaced. One thing that gives me reasurrance in my job and doesnt make me look as though im loosing it, is that there are 4 other women who feel the same about the problems at work, and that sort of makes me feel sane.

Very often company grievance procedures ( such as ours for example) are not triggered until a written complaint is received and we state this procedure in our handbook.