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Here are eight of the very best surviving Roman cameos, including the largest - Great Cameo of France.The best, most famous glass cameo, the Portland Vase, is also shown.The third video, Ancient Roman Homes of the Rich, is narrated. This video covers things not often discussed in these short videos; such as water, plumbing, radiant heating, baths, the various entrances, dining, and bedrooms.

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Construction, layout, the retractable top, stairs, elevators, and restaurants!

The early Coliseum was regularly flooded so that sea battles could take place. It's an engraved gem, or a piece of jewelry that contains a relief image on a negative background, called intaglio...

It has lesson plans, many complete teaching units, curriculum guides, women's clothing through thousand of years, foot binding (ugh), money, customs, inventions, abucus, art, government, machines, warefare, Great Wall, many other things.

The Colosseum was designed to impress the audience with its incredible awesomeness. This is the British Museum site, so it's quite good. Hint: when you click on a subject link, a picture appears.

The site is organized in such a way that Ancient China comes up. Here's a reference map of the ancient cities, kingdoms, and archaeological sites inside the area, inside the borders of modern Turkey.