As a result of this totalitorian regime build around support for The Dear Leader, son of The Great Leader, here is an article which details how Kim Jong Il established his own "pleasure team": Kim Jong Il requires his women to have several months of training before they may service him, if you achieve the proper level of brainwashing and control over your people, you should be able to just walk up to any woman and bed them within minutes if you so choose.

The answer of how best to establish such a totalitarian regime is beyond the scope of this question, but for an overview on the history and founding of North Korea, I recommend "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding North Korea" by Dr. Kenneth Quinones and Joseph Tragert (ISBN 1-59257-169-7), from which you may be able to learn some helpful techniques.

forum=126&thread=46892 Nevertheless, I am glad you have found this answer useful. Maybe - if you truly loved a special someone, flaws and all, and knew that deep in your heart, maybe you will find that someone.

Please let me know how everything works out for you. Everyone finds faults in people and then you base your impressions on that fault, then try to get past it to no avail.

Establishing a simple cult is not enough, since you would have to get the women to subscribe to your ideology before being able to brainwash them to the level where they immedately sleep with you for free.