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No Tk code can get into athread, Tk is not thread safe. Don't try to createwidgets in the thread code block.

Instead, use Glib:: Idle-add() in threads to accessthe widgets. Remember, a thread must return, or reach the end of it's code block, for itto be joined.

Finally, Gtk2 has a means of attempting to provide thread safety, meaning youcan access Gtk2 widgets from the thread. There is thethread-add() So here are some rules to follow that will let things work right. This is done by making asleeping thread, and using your gui to wake it up with button presses or callbacks, andshared variables. So create a set of sleepingthreads at the start of your program, and reuse them.

These can beviolated, but you may cause errors, These rules, if followed, will give foolproof threadoperation. Also in Gtk2 programs, use Glib:: Object-set_threadsafe (TRUE); Perl/Tk ( not Perl/Gtk2 ) is very sensitive to this. If they contain objects, clear outthe object data and reuse the objects for the next thread wakeup run. Keep the creation of all gui widgets in the main thread.

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