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and sideplate, silver longspur engraved buttcap and embossed silver muzzle band. Grips retain 90% fine original varnish, slight chip missing both sides at rear of flared butt.

A genuine all-original Balkan fighting pistol from an extremely turbulent era. 2 3/4", 6-shot fluted barrel cluster with crowned muzzles, .31 cal, stamped "6" on barrels and cylinder arbor screw. Barrels retain 95% fine original blue, frame retains small amount original blue, remainder toned to very light smooth plum. Reduced to $1,100 1525) Large European 19th Century Crossbow.

Blade retains all original bright polish, etching like new/mint (has 2 tiny edge nicks that are so small they do not detract). Reduced to $700 1608) Indian Katar, 17th - 18th Century.

Brass guard retains all original gilding, is undented, ex. Iron scabbard with smooth age patina, no dents whatever. 12" triple-fullered blade cut down from Firangi (European) sword blade.

Right side buttstock carries Chassepot rondel dated 1874, left side the Gras modification rondel dated Sept. Along with the much-modified Chassepot bolt, the Chassepot chambers were fitted with an insert to handle the 11 X 59R Gras cartridge. Finding these much-used rifles in such great condition is getting hard these days - and moreover, many were converted to 8mm Lebel. Brass action with hinged lid (rear tip of lid broken off), single large hammer fired by lanyard that passes through hole to underside of stock. Plates illustrate gun manufacturing and tools; military musket components; 5 plates of infantry musket drill; 15 plates of complex infantry formations and evolutions (too many to picture all); Vauban fortification plans and siege methods; canno, mortars, carriages, siege weapons, etc.