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to secure funds related to the Fort Mc Murray fires... 8282487766WARNING this phone number was given to me as a number for a Brandon M for me to text him the number is supposed to be for an 18 year old out of Fargo ND...i did my search for it the number is out of North Manning, SC....i got a text from a number out of Cali saying that i was sending nudes and videos to their son and the were going to contact police....because they caught their 15 yr old son on computer and he broke it to hide who he was trying to connect with and they wanted to know if i would replace the laptop so they didn't have to contact police.....i have contacted my local police about this 8282487577I have an unlisted number and have requested removal from every solicitor that has called ever. Called back a man answered, "Travis" argued w/ me that he had "no recollection of calling this number" I blocked this number to stop any future calls 8282487193A researcher from CANdi Lab Research, they will only have your phone number if you previously volunteered to do a study for them.

They may call and ask for donation, just say no and get your name/number removed from the list.

8282487373OWNER OF PHONE NUMBER BELONGS TO JILL OSIER. Nuisance: Phone number has been traced as a text app user due to numerous text app phone numbers registered to this phone using text applications believed to electronically stalk and harass individuals.

Phone registered to numerous email accounts & social media accounts using different domain/user names, with user names frequently changed.

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