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Now some would think of a su^ier Batiital, agency behind nature who must be eopplieated in order to get maitere Jsi M* 0«org« Frutr, III* fsni'i Qi •Bthropaloaiik' S'* his bosk. n 19&d3 «Ci XR08 AMD li DMAMlirt • • S 8 006 desiwd, while othm woatd prdhoed more posit ivisticaliy «and observe carefully nature itself and discover the Regularities therein.Bo that religion and science ^emerged from the remains of magic.

Now such prediction and control of natural events were nut satisfying to the people for long who depended on the magician so much for their life and happiness and who treated him with imiuh respect und fear.

In fact, the magician was the king of the tribe that looked lo him fur guidance in the affairs of life.

The world has become smaller with the discoveries and developments of telegrn|)li;i , wireless and the invention of locomotives, steamabip and aoropiancs.

Tins had led to greater undi r tanding between mao and man, ! Rut it has also bred a certain suspicion in for man, mutual jealou'^y end competition.

THE' CALCUTTA REVIEW /4n Illustrated Monthly Third Series Volume C L J anuary-March , 1959 PUBLISHED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA . Thus, though chance must be giv^n its due recognition, history of science and society is nst a series of accidents but a mutually interacting and meaningful development.