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After realizing that Tom and Siddappa followed him to Hyderabad, Raju puts fate to the test and when he understands the concept of deityhood and god, he makes it a goal to solve the mystical series of deaths in the village.

After tracking down a doctor (who works for GK), the dean of the medical college run by GK (who set up the medical camp in Pali), Govardhan and Miriyam (Brahmanandam), GK's lawyer, Raju discovers that the plastic factory in Pali deposits it's wastes in the driking water source nearby, thus contaminating and killing the villagers.

It is the second collaboration between Mahesh Babu and Trivikram after Athadu.

Singanamala Ramesh and C Kalyan produced the film as a Kanaka Ratna Movies production.

The main reason for the proposal is to establish a strong business partnership. But Subhashini runs away after she sees a condom packet drop from his pocket and realizes his true intentions.