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Yes, it is possible to travel from Karlsruhe to Stuttgart without having to change trains.

Besides the main renewable energy sources, wind and hydro, woody biomass shall contribute the largest part of the generation of heat and power.

As North West European wood resources are not sufficient for this sudden demand, the region relies on imports from abroad.

I also thank the teachers and colleagues in helping me to broaden my view and knowledge. Graham; firstly for encouraging me in my choice of the topic of the master thesis, secondly that he accepted me as a student in his master committee and thirdly for his support during the progress of my thesis. Without his knowledge, I wouldn’t have had thus deep insights into the transatlantic and hinterland shipping business. Schlesinger who had the idea about this project and gave me the connection to the ttz-Bremerhaven. Fuel oil consumption at sea in various sizes of bulk carriers 10. Classification Society Notations for Bulk Carriers 12. Transport of wood chips from Savannah to Rotterdam by geared carrier 14.

Last but not least, I want to thank my family and friends for their continuous backing to finish the master thesis. Energy content of different wood assortments as a function of water content 3. Transport of Wood chips from Savannah to Rotterdam by ungeared carrier 15.

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