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ALSO DON'T ASK FOR MY REAL NAME AND WHERE I AM FROM OR WHERE I LIVE!! Pms are ok only if it is for a request you don't dare to ask in public nothing more. I also won't show up with my partner on cam so don't ask and don't ask why. I can squirt but not all the time and not on command. You might wonder why I got implants because you saw me before without and they looked nice my boobs.

I AM FROM GERMANY AND LIVE IN THE US NOW THAT'S MORE YOU NEED TO KNOW!! This is what happend, after the pregnancy my right boob was saggy and in Oct 2014 I went to a surgeon to get this corrected. I still was able to hide it a bit from the cam but I felt miserable.

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And to fix my boobs and make them look nice again I had to get implants and a nipple lift.