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Marina thanks Damian for the roses and tells him that she has to go to packing plant. He may not have a fancy car but it will be his pleasure to accompany her.

Marina prefers that he rest after all he just got out of the hospital.

I have no time for your tantrums little girl, says Marina. Back to a shirtless Hernan, he's still caressing that violin. He recalls his time in high school when he was a nerd (or is it geek? Hernan falls down and drops his violin and is glasses come off. He stands up and picks up a photo of his class picture. He's about to smash his precious violin but he thinks about it twice and doesn't.

Olinto says that he found out how she took care of him and how she sewed his wound. Esthercita tells Damian that she found out that he was wounded and it is her obligation to be by his side. Your level of detail is astounding and greatly appreciated. Haven't seen the episode yet, but feel like I have. But let's face it -- TN mothers don't have all that much influence on their offspring. Diana, geek was first (a circus act), followed by nerd (Dr. Now, in popular culture, the terms are fairly interchangeable. I guess we are lucky that Damian didn't stop, buy a bag, and enjoy it on camera in the middle of the scene. I thought Hernan did a better job of air violin than Dam did with air guitar. I want Fernando Colunga to take me in his arms, embrace me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

Marina says that what she did was just an act of humanity. Que la mesa esta servida (Come and eat boy, the table is ready) says Olinto. Lagarto asks if it isn't too soon for him to come back to work. He wanted to make sure that everything was in order. He is told that they are waiting for the boxes to keep on unloading. Esthercita says that she found out that he went to ask for her hand in marriage. It was interesting, all encompassing and great fun."Again, I will say that the problems will end when we see FIN on the TV screen or hopefully and if we are lucky the problems will end before we enter the last week", "If she asks for an encore I am done with her" and "Mayuya spews her venom" were among my favorites. When actress María Sorté spent nearly all of Amor Bravío trying to warn her daughter that Iago was a patán, she might as well have saved her breath. If Dam has a GUITAR and Hem has a violin, does Fulofhimselfio have a ukelele ? They were always doing that in Teresa with Tostitos at the Tostilocos stand. Mauricio, nice screen shot and thank you for the song link. And OMG, that spiny lobster dashboard ornament in Marina's car... I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat.

Esthercita gets all up on Marina's face and tells Marina that she and Damian are talking about their wedding and to leave them alone. Hernan is walking and gazing at Marina who is talking to her friends. Seriously, what is it with this guy and that violin?? I am glad Mercedes took the risk and now those women are free! I like her take charge attitude and what a strong woman she is. Maybe Soraya will end up working for Mercedes before the end of this TN. Reminds of Silvia Navarro in Amor Bravio....never very good at controlling her feelings, but as someone already mentioned, I guess that's the way of the TN. So totally agree....think WL HAS the senstivity chip - the other, not so much... Cap Fab Dam's guitar is bigger than H's violin" HA!!

Damian tells Esthercita that it would be better if she leaves. Esthercita wants to know who Marina is be coming and talking to her like that and be giving orders to him. Marina tells Esthercita that she's the administrator and associate of the company. He is holding his violin case and is tripped by some bullies. She hands him his glasses and she asks him if he's fine. Anyway, he says that he used to be that stupid coward incapable of defending himself.

Mayuya thinks that Marina will dare to take Damian away from her because after all the woman from the capital are like that. There were many bullets and Damian was protecting me and willing to give his life for me.