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Gaga — who rose to fame from the Lower East Side dive scene — referenced her roots, saying, “To all of you artists, keep going — we have to support each other.

The trick is when you’re in a bar play like you are in a stadium and when you are in a stadium play like you are in a bar.” Rounding out the hometown show, she brought three friends to the stage for ­“Million Reasons,” to pay tribute to their lifelong friendship.

Brittany admitted, “I’m just glad I got to actually know her because I didn’t get a chance.

She came across a lot different this time than everybody myself included thought.”Then the conversation turned to Scheana Marie’s relationship with Robert Valletta.

In unison, Jax and Brittany said, “I love Rob.” They were asked if they think Scheana “moved on a little too fast,” and Jax said, “Me personally, in my opinion: yes. I think sometimes she’s a little co-dependent, but a lot of people are.” Brittany pointed out the obvious hypocrisy there: “He told me to move to LA the first night I met him.” That’s just how this crew works, I guess.