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The word "Fatso" disappeared, but things didn't get any better.I just went from "Four-eyed Fatso" to "Frankie Four-eyes." I wasn't the only kid picked on and some of them had it even worse than I did.Bieber has reportedly dated both Kourtney and Hailey.

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One source told TMZ that 27-year-old 'is well aware Selena and Justin are talking,' while another said that the Toronto native 'doesn’t think Selena talking to Justin again is weird at all' and 'doesn’t care.'A third insider said that The Weekend 'has been on tour and she’s been traveling back and forth to LA, but they are 100 percent still on.'That doesn't seem to be the case now.

The timing appears to be perfect for Selena and Justin to get back together.

In the image of Justin and Selena, the two stars are seen sitting opposite each other, Justin's head covered in a white hooded sweatshirt.

Selena is seen in a striped sundress as she sits with her elbows on the table talking to her former flame.

Selena Gomez has split from boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd.