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It had also blocked people from giving required information on job applications, getting a bank account or telling the police or fire department where to go in an emergency call.

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Though they’ve long provided most of the city’s affordable housing, government officials have traditionally considered them eyesores and literally left them off the map, condemning millions to legal invisibility.

Now, those communities are being charted after decades of informality, each route and alley outlined and their names researched.

“It removes a vital part of their identity.” Celebrations Theoretical debates aside, those who live in Mare are celebrating the practical benefits of the blue-and-white ceramic street signs going up on corners.

The non-profit used the same methodology as the government’s Institute of Geography and Statistics to survey the complex of 16 favelas housing about 130,000 residents.

“Before, if we went somewhere we didn’t know, we’d have to go asking everyone, ‘Do you know where this person lives? “Now, we can do it like anyone else, have a street name and a number, look it up on a map, and go.” The favelas’ new visibility hasn’t come without controversy.