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He tells her that his frustration was from the fact that she wants to ask Oliver for help, and it soon becomes apparent that he is jealous of Oliver.

Helena, realizing that Laurel was the girl Oliver told her about, also leaves, saying that it is apparent that he is still in love with her and that if they don't stop now, she will only get hurt again.

Despite wanting to trust Moira, Walter is still bothered by what Felicity told him, so he later proceeds to search Moira's possessions for any sign of the symbol Felicity gave him.

Soon enough, he finds a box hidden in their grandfather clock with the symbol on it.

He gives her a crossbow and a fitting costume and they go after Anthony Venza, a drug dealer that works for Helena's father, Frank Bertinelli, who also happens to be on Oliver's list.

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    An ARK spokesman today said: 'Our plans are at a very early stage, but it is worth reflecting that our blended learning pilot at King Solomon Academy did not mean fewer teachers or bigger classes, but ensuring that pupils have access to the latest in educational technology and techniques.

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    Several authors have provided greater detail in individual or a small group of regional wrecks: Charlwood [CWR], Mackenzie [MM] and Ronald [PR] in particular.

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    Every update request consists of zero or more prerequisites and zero or more updates.