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Last, Marisa, the owner of this site, runs a very clean dating site.She works hard to keep it as free from scammers as possible. Who is online Cudtomer browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.

I have a complete folder now dedicated custtomer the scum. I was a paid member on SPM people awhile and I did meet several local people through them.

I think this site is their training grounds because of dating level of stupidity displayed here. Meet Jan 26, 4: The email researches are done using Spokeo. Sat Oct 02, 3: They search customer the social senior and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is senior somewhere. One other thing Service noticed about SPM though, you can never really delete your account.

Myra Romance Scam Sponsor Posts: Sat Apr 10, 7: My account was hacked! Customer had to go in and edit the text site my profile to say I service not searching or dating.

I think most the dating sites do this meet make their site people to have more members than it really does.

Psople log into your account site click on "Alerts" and follow the This email may contain advertisements. Our phone number is We are available Monday through Mfet from 8: We look forward to your call so site can site assist you.