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Philips first used the tube in a black and white camera, for durability tests, but later designed a color television camera around the new plumbicon tube, and this camera reached the market in 1964 as the PC-60.The plumbicon tube earned Philips an Emmy in 1967 for “Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.” The PC-60 was followed by the PC-70, the PC-72, the portable PCP-70 and PCP-90, and in the early ’80s by the LDK series.

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The availability of a color camera that wasn’t an RCA product made it possible for CBS to hasten its transition to color, and Norelco cameras with their “CBS Color” signage became a familiar background sight on many a television program in the 1960s and 1970s. The BBC was also working with Ikegami on a similar project, and it was on a trip to London to see the Ikegami field tests that Dan happened to see the Philips color tests.

Below is a 1962 shot of the CBS Ikegami prototype in use at Mc Donnell Aircraft in St. In the ’60s, the BBC was world renowned for their engineering ability and testing programs, and after he saw the Philips tests, he immediately went into action on his return to New York, to make sure CBS was first in line for these new cameras.

To us, this first camera was the Norelco PC 60, but to everyone else, they were known as Philips LDK I models. The PC designation stood for Plumbicon Camera, and 60 for the year the Plumbicon was invented.

Notice that the prototype pictured above has a lens turret, like the black and white cousin.

Welk’s show started locally on KTLA, then aired on ABC from 1955 to 1971.