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It has the potential to simplify reporting for certification and payment of fees.

Medscape put out a bogus article about board recertification and tried to pass it off as a quality study.

The authors of the initial study in the Annals of Family Medicine are perplexed as to why not as many doctors are recertifying for their boards.

Interesting, I thought, until I looked at the results.

They got information from 8 dermatologists, 7 oncologists, 15 ophthalmologists, 32 pediatricians, 21 Ob-Gyns, 4 pulmonologists, 3 GI docs, 4 allergists, 8 nephrologists, 7 rheumatologists and 1 partridge in a pear tree. How could this survey mean anything with these few respondents? by Pat Conrad MD January 8, 2018 The first week of 2018, and I’m already weary of the same old misinformed, deceitful “journalist” claims about the medical profession and health care in general.

You all agreed to EVERY mandate that has caused burnout.