Proactive threat protection not updating

How can I express my feelings (without being fired) about my company valuing a 25 cent can of soda pop over their employees’ lives? I can’t see how installing our own security systems along with cameras and panic buttons has never been brought up. I do think it’s possible that this is not a threat, and that it’s even possible that it could be someone’s terrible idea of a prank. I’m sooooooooooooooo completely terrified to go back to work. If someone can bring a bullet in our office, what’s next? We do have cameras (four of them) to monitor the vending machine. Clincher number two, all of our security we sell is totally automated. I think you’re absolutely entitled to be freaked out by this and concerned that your employer doesn’t seem to be taking any action about it.Even beyond these limitations are inborn limitations that must also be addressed for the us...

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Kyusho Self Protection for Women Let\'s face it the martial arts are filled with Women\'s self- defense programs, which the name alone is a recipe for failure.

The term "Self Defense" has a negative connotation that from the start can yield failure for the user.

Being the typically smaller, weaker and less aggressive type, the female is now at an even greater disadvantage as the mindset actions and aggressiveness were not intercepted and allowed to gain.

The Woman must not become defensive; she must be aware of her situation and not dismiss or ignore possible threat, she must become proactive and gain the initiative and momentum while manipulating the attackers\' mindset to have a possibility of advantage.

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