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So rather than pay 23-year-olds $24,000 a year to live in a closet in Brooklyn, he wanted to buy up some land in Mexico — somewhere in the Yucatán, on a beach — and build a little Content Village.

Rather than Williamsburg bars, he’d tempt young journalists with great surfing, a sandals-based dress code, and cheap cerveza.

Clustering could also change the sort of people who can enter the business. Twenty years ago, they might have taken a good job at a newspaper in Indiana and built a career there.

Those jobs aren’t all gone yet, but a lot of the ambitious college journalists I talk to these days are all about landing something, that’ll get them in at the ground floor of an outlet in New York.

(A version of this is happening now in the tech industry, where the insane cost of housing in Silicon Valley is helping cities like Austin and Seattle attract workers and companies.) But the larger shift will be with us for years to come.