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She is always busy looking after her younger brother, Marc, and has an intense relationship with her father, Christian.

She smells a rat when her nosy cab driver takes a detour into the Casbah, before dropping her off at her hotel.

A stroll to the beach turns into a nightmare when Lisa’s attention is diverted for a few seconds and Baby Sophie is grabbed by a couple of swarthy mooks.

SAN SEBASTIAN – Seeing payback from its push into acquiring European movie sales rights, Madrid-based Latido Fims has initiated international deals on “Puppy Love,” which world premieres Saturday at San Sebastian.

Peter Pan Pictures has tied down rights to South Korea, Sundream Motion Pictures those to Hong Kong.

Last May, a couple of weeks before Hollywood’s lineup of big-budget bombs began to roll into megaplexes around the planet, Disney-Marvel gave everyone reason for optimism with a boffo launch for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. Not only did the sequel outperform the 2014 original on its opening weekend, but it also confirmed that such a motley crew of comic-book superheroes – the Guardians first appeared in 2008, in the sixth edition of Marvel’s “Annihilation: Conquest” – could hang with such established superheroes as Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.