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The headline and ad itself are similar to the previously-revealed flirtation, such as the words “fit” and “classy”, and dates to the same evening; it also featured the same shirtless Blackberry picture, though cropped to hide Lee’s face.

His sudden exit took many people by surprise, but apparently Lee’s rapid retreat may have been intended to cover up something more scandalous: two D.

C.-area transgender women contacted , each with a separate story about exchanging emails with Lee.

But, to my great surprise, the best of the Christian men were taken.

Never did figure that one out, nor how a married man could be active at church and work on his Ph D at the same time. During that time, I started to realize that my two loves weren’t really compatible with each other in the romance department.

We will post Thursday and Friday and may post on the weekend and next Tuesday in order to get them all posted.

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    At least that’s the premise of this niche dating app. The app is geared toward urban young professionals—NYU, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania are the most popular alma maters.3.