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“[Forbes] is manipulative, devious and is unquestionably interested in child pornography, and from everything I have read and heard, a clear and constant threat to children,” Lawrie said, according to the BBC.

The old Facebook blackmail SCAM is back but with some twist this time.

Sexual vedioc chat wanting girls in skype

Well, the very first suggestion i like to tell you is, to avoid chatting with strangers in Facebook.

When you receive a request from new friends you never met try to avoid.

They target anyone with facebook profile, but so far mostly students are their easy targets.

They fear for their family and friends knowing about their private videos so they mostly send the money asked by these scammers.

Once they got what they want, they will end the video chat and create a fake facebook profile in your name with all the information you have updated in your actual facebook profile with photos and request to your facebook friends as well.