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first 10 episodes are boring , i was about to stop watching it , but i continued it , but still it wasn't that much. I've only watched the original drama which is the Taiwanese drama and it is one of my favourite dramas. it is the little things that make this show so much better than all the rest .....

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However, when human is in too much of pain, revenge is the only thing that they can think of to ease their pain. If so, may her pai This story was about Song jihyo as a teacher and Kai as a student.. They were staying in Seoul..their difference of age was 7 years..because of kai's parents had to went to work when kai was little , jihyo was the one who is always took care of him like her own dongsaeng..a More than over three decades Shinigamis had been lostly searching for the Crystal of Life which is described to be an object that is the source of living for the other side of the world including the four clans: Tengu, Kitsune, Inugami and Bakeneko. Shinigami are devoted as the protectors of those four clans.

When that crush feeling became strong and stronger.

Then the heirs have to come together when Seoul Gossip Girl enters the scene and threathens to reveal all their secrets. You will die of laughter whenever there is a crack). ‘You have no other choice nae salang’ Choi Jin-hyuk said. She agreed to Mahatma Gandhi once said that “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Revenge is indeed a scary thing.

Gossip Girl makes her appearance from Chapter 19 - the first chapters are to set the scene for the story. Plot: After being kidnapped, Daijon and the others are to deal of making new recipe Choi Jin-hyuk stood up, and leaned in close to Son Ji Hyo’s face. It’s not only scary to the one that be revenged but also to the one that takes revenge.

Sometimes I feel like I was avoidi Three years ago you let go of the man you loved so he could be with the woman he loved.