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New York, the state with the highest Jewish population, has above-average per capita membership in this group.

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Its most popular “social groups” are “Union of National Socialists” and “Fans and Supporters of Adolf Hitler.” Over the past year, according to Quantcast, roughly 200,000 to 400,000 Americans visited the site every month.

A recent Southern Poverty Law Center report linked nearly one hundred murders in the past five years to registered Stormfront members.

Instead they have long threads praising Game of Thrones and discussing the comparative merits of online dating sites, like Plenty Of Fish and Ok Cupid.

And the key fact that shows that Stormfront users are inhabiting similar universes as people like me and my friends: the popularity of the among Stormfront users.

To think about this further, suppose liberals and conservatives on the internet never got their online news from the same place.