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Although most of the blaster is fictional in design, it appears to have the rear half of yet another Sterling receiver tube, with the rear sight cowling of a M1 Garand or M14 added to it.

Coincidentally, its design does somewhat evoke that of the automatic shotgun from Wolfenstein: The New Order The way this is set up, and the fact that these guns clearly are based on real firearms, maybe so?

In sniper mode it is similar to the DLT-19X, but with increased damage output.

The ion mode is useful against vehicles, however it is ineffective against individual enemies.

It's Hutt Contract requires you to get 25 kills as Krennic, use 10 personal shields, and get 50 blaster pistol kills. Has decent damage output, decent rate of fire, and good cooling power. This weapons unique bonus is that it has an electric "staff" mounted like a bayonet that can be used to get an instant melee kill.

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    Sundays are for church only, no “worldly” activities are permitted [this includes shopping, dining out, recreational activities, kid's sporting events, etc.]19.

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    DNA fragments corresponding to approximately 600 bp of the cytochrome PCR Core polymerase (Qiagen). 60, 61, Left palp, retrolateral and prolateral views, respectively. 63, Bulb and embolus, prolatero-dorsal view (arrow indicates the curved and sharp sub-distally sclerotized spine).

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