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We discussed if we’d date someone who had a Ph D, but wanted to work in industry, while you wanted to work as faculty. And just to clarify, it was because some DMV worker had not had coffee that week and was in a bad mood.

Blah blah blah, a bunch more serious-but-sometimes-silly talk about work, friendships, love, boys, marriage, birthday festivities, you know—life stuff in general. After realizing their mistake, the docs and tipic were personally delivered to me by a DMV worker himself! It took a lot of work, a lot of emotional agony, a lot of distress and sneaking around when we saw Campus Parc vehicles, but I think it was worth it for both of us.

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The third one is entirely Vibhs’ idea, inspired by a certain lecture one morning this week.

The last one is more personal to me, and probably won’t be as lighthearted as the other three.

In honor of our blog’s first birthday this month, we thought we’d share our new series ideas with you to give you a sneak peak of what to expect in the future.

Sure, our first 6 months we were fairly active and then we dropped off the face of the planet, but we are coming back with a vengeance!

), work, TAing, the movies we were watching, Dante’s “Mom” (sarcastically): Yes, because the only thing better than a monster is if it’s real!

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    Loving our neighbor as ourselves means looking at and treating others with the respect God gives them. Love of neighbor knows no national borders or class distinctions or barriers of any kind, because God knows no such impediments.

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