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It should be noted, though, that success is not defined as staying together: A definitive plan to split with an examination of all involved factors can cleanse a couple of the stress causing their discord.

Can a relationship survive if there is physical abuse? It may not be a textbook/fairytale relationship, but it can function.

Physical abuse can be defined along the lines of a continuum and is far more prevalent than you may think.

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If victims are in enough fear, are tied-in enough financially, or have enough family or social pressure on them, the relationship can last a lifetime.

This is not one-sided or gender-specific, either, because abuse does occur female-to-maleā€”but with less frequency and potential for physical damage.

She became accusatory and unpleasant, and he started to feel as if she would treat him the same regardless of his behavior.

It became evident that she could not bury the past, and the relationship soon fell apart.

We also have to determine if one or both participants can fully overcome the partner's subjective wrongdoings.