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Or a bad one, if you also happen to care about paying rent, eating, and generally getting by with more than goose eggs in your savings account.

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A little part of the fur is missing behind the mouth and the color is red, but I can't see under the rest of the body because no part fur is missing more. Interesting they used the 1976 mold but very cool nonetheless.

I have an early Battle Cat 8-Back version MIB, didn't know about the ribbed texture. I purchased this guy with only the saddle but the production numbers match Tokyonever's. I just purchased a Panthor with green Battle Cat plastic underneath.

I have one of these 1st editions in a He-Man & Battle Cat gift set (he is also ribbed like yours) the box does not have Zoar on the back either (another clue of its early origins) but it is still Factory Sealed so I can't remove it to check mold numbers etc...

Out of interest, can you tell if your Panthor is black or metallic purple or what color under the flocking?

I guess I should stop being mad at the boy who stole him...