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Updating webshot with new smile app

It's also more of a social network of photo sharing than Photobucket, with the ability to designate other users as "friends" and "fans." Though the service offers downloadable software, the software itself is a far cry from Picasa's powerful editing tools.

It does little more than you can do on the Webshots site, and neither Webshots option offers any kind of video or photo editing like what you'll find in either Picasa or Photobucket.

(More on the desktop software in a bit.)— Next: Uploading Photos and Videos Bottom Line: Webshots is more about using your own and professional photographers' images to create extra-cost "projects" and connecting in a photo social network than about presenting and perfecting your own photos.

I like its interface, but it lacks any real photo editing and optimizing tools, let alone geotagging or face recognition.

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