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Burger From the Vacuum to the Universe Proceedings of the first Austria-France-Italy Symposium 2007 ISBN: Editors: Steven D. Zu beziehen im Buchhandel oder direkt bei Universität Innsbruck Technikerstraße 21 a A-6020 Innsbruck Herausgeber: Theo Hug Verlagsredaktion: Carmen Drolshagen, Gregor Sailer Coverfoto: Universität Innsbruck Layout: Gerhard Ortner Produktion: Fred Steiner, Rinn Book on Demand ISBN: Table of Content Forewords and Introduction Vorworte und Einleitung Welcome and Opening Address by the Vice-Rector for Research, University of Innsbruck Tilmann Märk...5 Welcome Words by the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Innsbruck Heidi Möller...7 Media, Knowledge & Education Introductory Note Theo Hug...8 Media Theory & Media Philosophy Medientheorie und Medienphilosophie Medienwandel zwischen Evolution und Revolution Gebhard Rusch...15 Medienformen und Medienwissen. Sprachpolitik und Sprachgesetzgebung in europäischen Ländern ISBN: Editors: P. Ohnheiser titelei_medienbildung.qxd:titelei :44 Uhr Seite 4 Printed with support of Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Vienna (Austria) University of Innsbruck (Austria) Aktion Hypo Tirol Bank Auflage Alle Rechte vorbehalten.This can't be imagined without support of multimedia communication.

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Our aim was to approve only centers which would fulfil certain rather stringent qualifying criteria.

During the past three years our university has started a reform process according to the Universities Act In the frame of this process we discussed at our university whether to organize our research profile around research centers dedicated to special topics.

There is a lack of feed-back in our organisation, and becoming a learning organisation depends on active feedback structures.

Flexible networking needs a vision first and then new forms of interactive media systems.

I would like to point this out, using the recent situation of our university.