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create an image in your mind of what your life would be like as an owned slave, than use this to help you in you search for a Master, I think that a well balanced Master should first learn the woman that will become his slave, that only by communicating, gaining the trust, and respect of a slave can he truly own her.

I think that as a slave you should expect a prospective Master to try to understand you and want to learn about who you are.

I am glad to see that we are growing, I would like to here from the rest of you about your insights, and thoughts on Owning and being Owned, I know that for me as a Dom/Master I have a strong desire to Own a slave, I enjoy seeing the pleasure I cause a slave, and knowing that she knows, only I can give it to her.

From what I have learned it is the same for a sub slave the desire to submit to be controlled can be over whelming, what a lot of people in the vanilla world can't identify is the craving that a sub/slave has to submit and serve.

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